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Cleaning services refer to a broad category of services that involve the complete home cleaning and maintenance. The house cleaning Santa Cruz experts may be hired by associations of any type and range from apartment cleaning to maid service, domestic cleaning, janitorial services and commercial cleaning. Maid service is a broader term, applying to a wider range of services than maid. Cleaning service may also be called in many different names depending on the area covered.

The majority of residential house cleaning services cover the four basic aspects of keeping a house clean: cleaning the surfaces, dusting, vacuuming and washing. These aspects are generally described as phases. A maid service will generally begin with dusting the rooms, followed by the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. Vacuuming is normally the last task, and it is left to the professional cleaning company to complete this task. As part of the residential house cleaning services, most maid services provide a service of deep cleaning, which is used to remove years of dirt from plaster walls, floors and ceilings. Learn more about this service on this article.

Commercial cleaning company usually takes care of the roof, gutters, downpipes and so on. Other important aspects of commercial house cleaning services are the sanitization of bathrooms and kitchens. Professional cleaning companies usually provide sanitary cleaning of shared spaces, such as swimming pools, hot tubs and changing rooms. They also provide a service of cleaning windows, ceilings, ventilation systems, toilets and floors. Professional cleaning companies may also take care of the ventilation system of an office building.

Maids provide cleaning services in a domestic setting, while apartment cleaning services offer house cleaning services on an individual basis. Residential cleaning services are usually seasonal and cleaning tends to take place only once a week. This is not the case for home cleaning services, which tend to be more consistent in nature. Professional cleaning companies offer all types of cleaning services from dusting to scrubbing and mopping.

One of the benefits of hiring cleaning services is that they tend to be very affordable. One can hire a maid for a one-time event, or even an entire season. Hiring a cleaning service on an ongoing basis is also economical. The services include cleaning the entire house, or parts of it, on a regular basis, usually every day. Regular cleaning services tend to be more expensive than hiring one individual cleaner for an event or a season. In some instances, hiring a cleaning service for an entire family can save money because it will eliminate the cost of hiring a nanny or housekeeper.

Some house cleaning services offer a combined package, which means they include everything from dusting floors to sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens. One advantage of using a cleaning company is that they may have access to products that one may not have at home. For example, a cleaning company may have equipment for the washing and drying of wool rugs or silk curtains. This type of access can help to make the entire home more affordable and less of a hassle to maintain.
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